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Study mode: weekend - online
Study duration: 10 months (2 semesters)
Hourly dimension: 230 hours
Language of studies: english


The goal of MBA Lean Organization postgraduate program is to perfect management, organizational and leadership competences using lean/kaizen/continuous improvement philosophy. Our goal is to introduce the newest trends in the area of enterprise organization in different aspects: selling and customer service, production, logistics and supply chain.

The main purpose of studies is to prepare the managerial staff and specialists to undertake organizational and management activities in accordance with the Lean Management methodology in their own organizations, and thus combined competence development with support in creating the organization's competitive advantage.

Main benefits

Course participants will gain the theorical knowledge but also will acquire the practical skills necessary for the efficient and effective functioning of entities in the modern global economy. The online formula of leading MBA postgraduate studies will allow access to world-class experts and exchange of experience not only between domestic but also international specialists. In addition to the basic, standard teaching elements, students will have the opportunity to take an active part in classes taught in the Teams application, with author lectures and exercises, led by an international group of business practitioners.


Postgraduate MBA Lean Organization is directed to people who:

MBA Lean Organization is addressed to all who want to expand their knowledge in the area of organization management using the Lean / Kaizen / Continuous Improvement philosophy. The studies organized by us are directed to business owners who want to constantly develop their enterprises, to managers interested in using the latest trends in the area of management and organization of the enterprise. We also invite people working or just starting to work in managerial positions.

Participation in the program gives you the opportunity to gain valuable experience and expand your knowledge in the field of management and organization of the company and Lean Management. Classes are led by international business practitioners among others, we guarantee obtaining MBA post-graduate certificates. In addition to issues related to Lean Management, as much as 50 percent of the topics discussed focus on managing people and areas such as sales, controlling, logistics. This results in the development of managerial competences and skills useful in further professional and personal life.

Graduates receive an MBA post-graduate certificate issued by the University of Business in Wroclaw and numerous certificates. These include, among others, Lean Leader, Lean Coach and Lean Manager certificates confirmed by the Lean Service Institute.

  1. Process Management in Lean Culture – [20h]
  2. People Management in a dispersed environment – [30h]
  3. Lean Management method and tools – [30h]
  4. Organizational strategies in a Lean Management culture – [40h]
  1. Lean Service Organization – [20h]
  2. Lean Management method and tools – [20h]
  3. Lean Management method and tools – [20h]
  4. Sales organization in Lean Culture – [30h]
  5. Organization of Lean Supply Chain – [30h]
  6. Lean Controlling – [10h]
  7. Diploma Consultations – [10h]
administration fee  tuition fee  fee in 2 instalments fee in 4 instalments fee in 6 instalments
400 PLN 19900 PLN 10450 PLN 5350 PLN 3650 PLN
90 EUR 4485 EUR 2355 EUR 1205 EUR 820 EUR
100 USD 4915 USD 2580 USD 1320 USD 900 USD

Prices in foreign currencies are indicative. They are converted according to the current exchange rate of the NBP (National Bank of Poland) in force on the day of payment.



All fees should be directed to the following account:
Santander Bank S.A. 44 Branch in Wroclaw
account nr 04 1500 1155 1211 5005 3031 0000



1. 06-07.03.2021
2. 20-21.03.2021
3. 10-11.04.2021
4. 24-25.04.2021
5. 15-16.05.2021
6. 29-30.05.2021
7. 19-20.06.2021 (tylko dla I roku studiów)


In preparation

There the application process will be outlined. Even if all the applicant’s documents are not yet in order, he/she is encouraged to fill in and send the application and further documents can be sent shortly thereafter.

Admission Requirments

MBA applicants should have at least two years of professional experience and a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Further requirements include a copy of the applicant’s Curriculum Vitae, two letters of recommendation, and a letter of motivation.

English proficiency certificate will also be required unless the applicant is a native of an English-speaking country. If a candidate cannot submit an adequate certificate, there will be Business English examination in the form of WSH Admission Test.

MBA interview will be held to access the candidate’s potential to join the MBA Team. The Recruitment and Admissions Office will contact all candidates in order to obtain more information if necessary, before the invitation for an interview (which is the final step of the recruitment program). The interview is held in English, in front of the Recruitment Committee and relates to the applicant’s educational and professional background, his/her motivation to pursue the MBA studies and particular expectations for this program.

Required documents

  • Completed application form
  • Certificate of English proficiency (or passed internal WSH English Exam)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • One photo (35x45 mm)
  • One photo in electronic form (for student’s electronic ID card)
  • Copy of the diploma of completion of first-cycle studies (and a certified translation into Polish – for foreigners)
  • Supplement or excerpt of study register (and its certified translation into Polish – for foreigners) – applies to Polish universities’ graduates who completed their studies after 2005
  • Confirmation of minimum 2 years of business experience
  • Signed education agreement with attachments in two copies in English and two copies in Polish (to be signed at a later time)
  • Proof of payment of non-refundable administration fee (PLN 500)



22 Ostrowskiego st
53-238 Wroclaw, Poland
room: 1/3

sesja anna sikucinska

Anna Sikucińska 
MBA Program Coordinator
phone +48 71 333 11 91


sesja Raisa Chudek

Raisa Chudek 
MBA Program Specialist
phone +48 71 333 11 81