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Study mode:  weekend
Study duration:  20 months (4 semesters)
No. of hours:  500 hours
Language of studies:  english


The University of Business in Wroclaw offers a unique, top quality MBA program created with and for professionals from different industries and countries around the globe. Our students receive a master’s degree in management and also a certificate awarding MBA Degree awarded in partnership with prestigious HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany. Our program is competitive, as it offers 500 hours of intensive and interactive business teaching and practicing, which is delivered by top quality academics and business executives from our country and from abroad.

The MBA offered by our university is held in 100% in English, which is now considered to be the world’s language of business. That is why our program is also suitable for foreigners – almost half of our students come from abroad, which gives the program a truly international dimension. Our classes are lectured in 50% by professional international faculty coming from our partner universities (from such countries as Germany, Austria, France, Denmark, USA, Canada) and in 50% by English-speaking domestic faculty having specialized experience in different business areas.


 sesja aneta szymanskaDear candidates,
our MBA program is realized in English 100%, whereas most MBA programs, especially the ones in the Lower Silesia region are held fully or partially in Polish language. This fact adds a real value to our program and gives dimension of uniqueness and elitism. That is why our MBA program is also suitable for foreigners - its international aspect gives it a competitive edge. Almost half of our students come from abroad, bringing along with them a completely fresh and different look at some business problems.
Aneta Szymańska, Ph. D., MBA
MBA Program Director

Choose International MBA in WSH in Wrocław

Diploma Graduates of the Executive MBA program will receive a master's degree in management from the University of Business in Wroclaw, specialization: Master of Business Administration and a certificate confirming completion of MBA studies in cooperation with HHL.

The mission of the MBA program at the University of Business in Wroclaw is to educate future managers and professionals who will meet the challenges of the 21st century. Our goal is creating effective and responsible professionals having the ability and confidence to attain senior management positions and develop the skills necessary to progress to a genuine leadership role. Our MBA gives its graduates a cutting edge in a fiercely competitive employment market and offers them the highest degree of the initiation into the real business.

Internationally recognized strategic partner

International MBA program at WSH has been based on the curriculum of our partner university HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. We are proud of this fact because our partner is one of the best business universities in Europe and thanks to the fact that we learn from the leader, we can provide a high quality MBA program, locally in Wroclaw.

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  • The full-time M.Sc. study program of HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management is #1 in Europe and Germany, and #2 globally, according to “THE Ranking” (Times Higher Education).
  • HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management received continued recognition as a one of the best places for aspiring entrepreneurs in Germany.
  • Students vote: HHL is Germany’s favorite business school.(Graduate Barometer 2018, trendence)
  • The Financial Times ranked HHL’s full-time M.Sc. Program No. 33 worldwide (#5 for career service and #7 for graduate´s salaries worldwide). (Financial Times Global Masters in Management Ranking 2018)
  • The Financial Times ranking of European business schools assesses the combined performance of Europe’s leading schools out of four FT rankings in 2017: Full-time MBA, Executive MBA, Master in Management and non-degree Executive Education Programms.
  • HHL reached position 48 in Europe. Besides HHL is rated among the Top 5 business schools in Germany.
  • In the global Master in Management Ranking by The Economist, which was issued for the first time, HHL came in #6 worldwide. HHL stands out with the second largest post-program salary ($ 67,659/year) as well as the excellent quality of the program.
  • For the third time in a row, HHL secured its place in the top 100 global MBA ranking by the Economist. HHL’s full-time MBA program came in 77th place worldwide and ranks in the top 3 in Germany.
  • HHL has successfully strengthened its position among the top MBA programs. In it’s most prestigious ranking in Latin-America, the business magazine AméricaEconomía ranked HHL’s MBA Program No. 37 worldwide and Top 3 in Germany.
  • CNN Expansión has released its 2017 rankings of full-time MBA programs, and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management is listed #64 worldwide and is again #1 in Germany regarding value for money.
  • HHL ranks #14 for the best Executive MBA programs worldwide in the Ivy Exec Ranking 2017.



 frank3 v2The MBA at Wyższa Szkoła Handlowa is a program for global leaders. Based on rich experiences the Leipzig Graduate School of Management has in this field of education, the program emphasizes the skills and perspective executives need to conduct business effectively in today's global market place. With this background, HHL was able to give assistance in program development and implementation. This MBA is not just a regular MBA, but a think tank, incubator and executive boardroom that prepares executives to address the global economic, social and political forces that shape the world. The unique, international curriculum challenges entrepreneurial-minded, executives to think and act within a socioeconomic and geopolitical context. You have a vision for creating value in a world of opportunity. But in today's global business environment, the prize goes to those who can transform that vision into action, via teams that cross languages, time zones and functions. The MBA Program re-creates this environment in microcosm, challenging you to define your vision, articulate a strategy and develop an action plan. How do you optimize organizational behavior, human resource management and strategy in a global setting? Learn to link these real-world issues to a personalized roadmap for more effective leadership. Our approach is customized for you using the research knowledge of our professors, professional career counselors and the experience and resources of your fellow classmates.
Frank Hoffmann
Associate Dean
HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management


Who is MBA for?

Our students are representatives of various industries, who have an average of 10 years of professional experience, but the minimum required by us is 2 years of experience, preferably in a managerial position. The average age of participants in our MBA Program is 35 years.


Partner of course

This is an intense program designed to develop personal and career management skills. It is a part time course targeting English speakers with professional experience, who need more professional knowledge and skills that would enable further development of their careers. MBA is good for people who want to have the opportunity for a totally new career objective or for those who want to advance their current career. This modern MBA program is designed for professionals who have a truly international outlook, who are both independent thinkers and team players and bring a diversity of experience and insight to the program.

The studies are held exclusively in English. During all the classes, comprising 500 hours, students and lecturers communicate only in English. All didactic materials, such as case studies, presentations, databases, exercises, business simulation games, specialist literature, reading materials – are accessible only in English.

Core modules:

  • Business Fundamentals
  • Leadership Skills
  • International Challenges

Advanced modules:

  • Managing Society
  • Managing Customers, Employees and Processes
  • Managing New Ventures and Growth
Business Fundamentals
  • Managerial Economics
  • Contemporary Management Concepts
  • Management of Organization
  • Financial Management of Enterprises
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Quantitative Managerial Techniques
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Law
Leadership Skills
  • Coaching in Business
  • Negotiations in Business
  • Teambuilding and Leadership
  • Public Speaking
  • Meetings with Leaders
International Challenges
  • International Business
  • International Communication
  • International Marketing
  • Foreign Language
Managing Society
  • Managing Public Relations
  • Sustainable Development & CSR in Practice
Managing Customers, Employees and Processes
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Management in Practice
  • Process Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • E-biznes
Managing New Ventures and Growth
  • Applied Corporate Finance
  • Strategic Management
  • Innovation in Organizations
  • Change Management
  • Risk Management
Registration Fee Basic Tuition Fee 2 Basic Instalments 4 Basic Instalments 8 Basic Instalments
500 PLN 36 500 PLN  19 000 PLN 9 625 PLN 4 875 PLN
120 EUR 8 240 EUR 4 295 EUR 2 215 EUR 1 170 EUR
130 DOL 9 280 DOL 4 835 DOL 2 495 DOL 1 320 DOL

All fees should be directed to the following account:
Santander Bank S.A. 44 Branch in Wroclaw
account nr 04 1500 1155 1211 5005 3031 0000



Whether you are looking for a career change, a new start in life or simply a new qualification, we invite you to apply to the University of Business in Wroclaw. We will provide you with support and expertise needed to develop your talent and skills!

MBA at WSH in Wroclaw allowed me to confront myself with other professionals and to be constantly challenged

katarzyna trzos skurska

Doing an MBA has been one of my dream since I started my initial studies. We decided to choose the program together with my husband and we reviewed each offer of such education available locally. International MBA in WSH definitely took the cake!

MBA at WSH in Wroclaw allowed me to confront myself with other professionals and to be constantly challenged. Not only implemented jointly with prestigious HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management from which the professor's staff came to the classes but also, I could work on case studies and to share experience with the group of top professionals from different sectors.

This allowed me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and to become more aware of my abilities. I started the studies with the position of Project Manager in IT sector and very quickly the knowledge I gained during weekend programs enabled me to build better relationship with our customers and internal teams and my project has been awarded for its efficiency. I could not believe it is possible to learn and to implement on daily basis so many new things in such a short time. I had to make a break in my career as beginning of second year in WSH coincided in time with an enormous change in my personal life as I became a mother.

Here again WSH offered me a great support and I could complete the program on time, while doing second year remotely. I will come back to work well-armed with business and managerial competences, which I do believe will offer me new challenges and great opportunities.  


Katarzyna Trzos Skurska
Advisory Project Manager
IBM Delivery Transformation Department, Automation Projects

I got an opportunity to meet outstanding people and share experience with them

michal miszczuk

MBA Studies at WSH Wrocław was a great time for me. Not only I was able to develop skills needed in my daily business life, but also I got an opportunity to meet outstanding people and share experience with them.
The goal that I have set in front of me was to add outstanding position to my resume, that will help me in future carrier. After MBA studies, I am sure that it was achieved. I would like to recommend MBA studies to all ambitious and carrier-oriented people.

Michał Miszczuk
Service Desk Team Leader

It was really an added value to my professional career

joseph s naguib

It was 2 years full of knowledgeable, fruitful & rich experience.. Honestly i liked the fact of exchanging experience & ideas on different levels during our sessions. Approaching my mid-senior managerial level with such an experience gathered from academic study like MBA & practical daily life experience from lecturers and colleagues, i acquired a deep knowledge about the business trends nowadays. Also, the international environment in the classroom creates a warm atmosphere to exchange knowledge and experience in different parts of the planet. It was really an added value to my professional career.

Joseph S. Naguib
MBA Alumnus 2019

The International MBA program allowed me to systematize my knowledge and to deepen it

alina niewelt

The International MBA program allowed me to systematize my knowledge and to deepen it. As a result, I was able to relate to it more freely and naturally in business practice situations. The combination of business experience with the knowledge acquired in the International MBA Program gave me the opportunity to make more accurate decisions in my everyday work. However, the International MBA Program is not only the knowledge and experience I gained from the lecturers, but above all it is people from many industries, with a lot of experience and willingness to cooperate - it is simply a great opportunity to develop yourself in a pleasant atmosphere.

Alina Niewelt
MBA Alumna 2019

My MBA has enabled me to progress in my career

michal stanosek

I would definitely recommend the MBA at WSH Wrocław because it's good value for anyone who wants to succeed in management and organizational leadership.

My MBA has enabled me to progress in my career and be the type of employee who pushes an organization to greater heights.

I gained lots of practical knowledge, new experience both from lecturers and students and had a chance to meet people from other countries and cultures.

Lectures and practical classes related to marketing, development and company strategies, management and negotiations allow me to promote to the position of Business Development Manager in my company.

Michał Stanosek
MBA Alumnus 2019

W pierwszej kolejności zachęcamy kandydatów do wypełnienia formularza zgłoszeniowego on-line. Przypominamy jednak, że o przyjęciu na studia decyduje komplet dokumentów, które można wysłać tradycyjnie drogą pocztową, skanem lub złożyć osobiście w biurze Międzynarodowego Centrum Studiów Podyplomowych i MBA. 

Ostatnim etapem rekrutacji jest rozmowa przed Komisją Rekrutacyjną, podczas której chcemy bliżej poznać przebieg kariery zawodowej naszych kandydatów, ich oczekiwania względem oferowanego przez nas programu studiów oraz dowiedzieć się, co motywuje ich do podjęcia studiów MBA w Wyższej Szkole Handlowej. 

Admission Requirments 

MBA applicants should have at least two years of professional experience and a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Further requirements include a copy of the applicant’s Curriculum Vitae, two letters of recommendation, and a letter of motivation. 

English proficiency certificate will also be required unless the applicant is a native of an English-speaking country. If a candidate cannot submit an adequate certificate, there will be Business English examination in the form of WSH Admission Test. 

MBA interview will be held to access the candidate’s potential to join the MBA Team. The Recruitment and Admissions Office will contact all candidates in order to obtain more information if necessary, before the invitation for an interview (which is the final step of the recruitment program). The interview is held in English, in front of the Recruitment Committee and relates to the applicant’s educational and professional background, his/her motivation to pursue the MBA studies and particular expectations for this program. 

Required documents 

  • Completed application form 
  • Certificate of English proficiency (or passed internal WSH English Exam) 
  • Two letters of recommendation 
  • CV 
  • Confirmation of minimum 2 years of business experience 
  • One photo (35x45 mm) 
  • One photo in electronic form (for student’s electronic ID card) 
  • Copy of the diploma of completion of first-cycle studies (and a certified translation into Polish – for foreigners) 
  • Supplement or excerpt of study register (and its certified translation into Polish – for foreigners) – applies to Polish universities’ graduates who completed their studies after 2005
  • Signed education agreement with attachments in two copies in English and two copies in Polish (to be signed at a later time) 
  • Proof of payment of non-refundable administration fee (PLN 500) 
Beginning of recruitment processMarch 2021 
End of recruitment process30 September 2021 
Anna Sikucińska 
MBA Program Coordinator 
Ostrowskiego street 22 
53-238 Wrocław 
room: 1/3 
+48 71 333 11 91 
Raisa Chudek 
MBA Program Specialist 
Ostrowskiego street 22 
53-238 Wrocław 
room: 1/3 
+48 71 333 11 81 
+48 71 333 11 91
M.SC Maximillian Schreiter

HHL-Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany

Specialization: financial management

Maximilian is Research Associate at the Chair of Financial Management and Banking at the Leipzig Graduate School of Management (HHL). His field of research is corporate valuation using stochastic processes. He joined the business school in April 2014 after two years as Consultant at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. During this time, he worked for different consumer goods and retail companies in Western and Eastern Europe as well as in Africa.

His academic background was shaped at the Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main (B.Sc.) and at the Leipzig Graduate School of Management (HHL) (M.Sc.). During his studies, he took twice the opportunity for semesters abroad: first at the University of Sydney and a second time at the University of Chicago (Booth School).

Beyond that, Maximilian is an enthusiastic sportsman. He plays tennis since his early childhood for which he also has a coaching license, and he runs in preparation for a marathon. History is another passion for him where he tries to learn as much as possible through reading and traveling.

M.SC. Christian Brands

HHL-Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany

Specialization: strategic management, international management.

Christian Brands graduated from HHL where he received his M.Sc. degree majoring in Strategy and Finance. In 2008, he spent a term abroad at the Helsinki School of Economics, Finland. Before joining HHL he graduated in International Management and French at the University of Bath School of Management, United Kingdom and gained work experience in the German retail and consulting industry.

DR. Remigiusz Smoliński

Dr. Remigiusz Smoliński – IESEG School of Management, France Specialization: negotiations, decision making

Dr. Remigiusz Smolinski received his Master’s degree in International Business from Poznan University of Economics in Poland and completed the PhD program at HHL – Leipzig Graduate School of Management. In his research he has focused on theory and practice of negotiation particularly in international settings as well as on the theory and applications of decision making routines in management science. He was a visiting scholar at Harvard University’s Program on Negotiation and Tufts University's Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. He also visited and researched at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and Sichuan University in Chengdu, China. Currently, he works as a Country Manager of Easter European marketplaces at (eBay) and is Assistant Professor for Negotiation at IESEG School of Management


Vice-President of the Management Board Work Service SA Group

Specialization: financial management, international finance

Graduate of the Wroclaw University of Technology’s faculty of Marketing and Management. Awarded a Doctorate in Economics from the Wroclaw University of Economics.

Mr Ambrozowicz brings astute financial management skills earned at Fagor Mastercook, a leading home appliance manufacturer and Skanska (leading construction company). At Fagor he was Member of the Board and Vice President of Finance as well as the Director of Controlling Fagor Group. He was responsible for implementing the Polish subsidiary’s financial, processes in line with the group’s international standard in controlling, bookkeeping and reporting.