Dean’s Office

The deanery is a place where you can take care of 99% of all matters related to your studies.

  • you’re going to pick up your student I.D.
  • you will be helped to fill in all forms and certificates correctly
  • you will get help in solving difficult college related issues
  • you will find important announcements and notes to improve your student life


  1. personal: room 1/1 
  2. email: [email protected] 
  3. phone: +48 71 333 11 17

Opening hours:

Mon.-Fri. 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (except Wednesday)
Saturday 7:30 – 15:30 (only on selected Saturdays)

Dean’s office employees:

Joanna Siwek
Head of the Student Service Center

email [email protected]

Tetiana Barabash
email [email protected]

Martyna Bryś
email [email protected]

Natalia Piskorz
email [email protected]

How to get things done?

A student from another university, also a foreign one, may apply to transfer to the University of Business in Wrocław, provided that:

  • intends to continue learning in the same direction, form, level and profile of education
  • has successfully completed the first year of studies at the home university, obtaining at least 60 ECTS
  • they have fulfilled all the obligations arising from the immigration obligation for the country they intend to transfer to.

Students who wish to continue their studies at our university by transferring, are obliged to submit their applications to the Dean’s Office:

  • a request for transfer with the consent of the Dean of the home university to this transfer
  • a certificate from the home university on the status of the student with information on the program date of graduation, field of study, form, level and profile of education
  • transcript of the grades/gradebook, including the grades obtained and the ECTS credits used
  • syllabuses for completed courses at the home university
  • a copy of the decision on admission to study at the home institution (the original is available for inspection)
  • in the case of foreign universities, the required documents should be provided in a version translated by a sworn translator.

Please note that the transfer can only take place from at the beginning of a new academic year.

Once the dean has a set of documents, the dean will make a decision about the transfer, determining any possible differences in the program to be implemented. The student pays a fee for the differences in the curriculum.

Students may obtain a certificate of student status, ZUS/KRUS, bank, residence card, in order to extend their visa, payment of the fees, etc. In order to do that, students should:

  • send an e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected], if the certificate concerns financial matters, in which it should contain information about the type of certificate (e.g. in which institution it should be presented) and any additional information the student would like it to contain
  • pay for the certificate (PLN 5 for a certificate in Polish or PLN 20 for a certificate in English)
  • wait for a reply as to whether the conditions for obtaining a certificate have been met and when they can apply for acceptance

We would like to remind you that it is necessary to use the university post office when submitting requests for the preparation of a certificate.

During the studies, the student has the right to change the field of study / specialization, and the form of study. Each change requires an application to be submitted to the Dean in order to obtain his consent.

The application template is available at the Virtual Dean’s Office in the downloads tab. The application must be submitted before the start of the semester / academic year.

The student has the right to a break in studies – CHILD LEAVE. Dean’s leave is possible after completing the first year of studies and cannot be longer than one academic year (two semesters)

Virtual Dean’s Office

is your electronic index. Here you will find all the necessary information about your studies:

  • access to credit and exams in each subjects for each semester
  • access to advertisements made for students prepared by the deanery and others
  • check student fees, payment history, individual account number for payment
  • access to personal data, contact details, information about the course of studies, obtained points, etc. ECTS
  • access to information on the subject of the paper, thesis, diploma, promoter, diploma examination, result of studies
  • ability to search for information about the teachers

To have an access to log in you must to create an account by using the number of the album (login) and the password (start) date of birth entered in the format YYYYY-MM-DDD.


University mail MS Outlook and MS Teams

We attach a short instruction to log in to Outlook and Teams e-mail. We log into both in the same way, because both services are available on the university’s Office 365 account.

Log in to Office 365 and choose the Outlook or Teams e-mail program.