Master’s degree study

Do you already have a Bachelor, Engineering or other Master’s degree? We invite you to continue your education – choose second degree studies at the University of Business in Wrocław, where you evolve not only as a businessperson, economist and marketer, but also as a well-rounded character.

About a master’s degree

Master’s studies at our University are conducted in accordance with a program skillfully developed by specially selected teams of specialists. At WSH, Master’s studies are conducted in full-time or part-time mode, in Polish and English. 

We believe that practical education brings the best results, therefore the curriculum of master’s studies is largely based on workshops, trainings, case studies, debates, student and teacher exchanges. Second degree studies at the University of Business in Wrocław include courses run by renowned experts (both practitioners and theoreticians), under whose tutelage you will acquire many new skills and competences, as well as reviewing what you have learned at other studies.

Everyone who chooses to study second degree at the University of Business in Wrocław is treated as a partner, and we see him or her as the future of today’s economy. Graduates of every Master’s degree course at WSH are taught creative thinking and creative problem solving, are able to use basic and advanced terms in economics and marketing, and are outstanding specialists in their respective fields.

When you choose a Master’s degree at WSH, you will be familiar with multitasking, and when you graduate you will also be familiar with common and innovative technologies.

Such comprehensively educated graduates of the second degree studies at the University of Business in Wrocław, set off to the labor market, where they develop a satisfactory career path and write the history of modern business.