Tourism and Leisure

Tourism and Leisure

University mode: Full-time
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)
Language used: English

Is traveling your passion? You can combine pleasant with useful and opt for a course in Tourism and Recreation at the University of Business in Wrocław. Why is this an excellent choice? Because the tourism and hotel industry are one of the sectors of the economy that develops the most dynamically and affects the popularity of a given country and its socio-economic position. If you decide to study in such a profile, you can contribute to the promotion of Poland as a country attractive for tourists from Europe and the world.

Studies in the field of Tourism and Leisure in Wrocław – why is it worth it?

Did you know that:

  • 1 in 10 employees work in the tourism industry?
  • Last year, more than 1.3 billion tourists traveled abroad, and this number is still growing?
  • Tourism is one of the three main pillars, besides industry and services, where the development of Lower Silesia is planned (Development Strategy of Lower Silesia until 2020)?

These figures confirm that Tourism and Leisure, which also includes knowledge of the hotel industry, are future-oriented studies, offering broad perspectives, which will guarantee an interesting job and attractive salaries. These studies are intended for people who are open and curious about the world, who like contact with people and draw good energy from learning about other cultures and traditions.

Realize your passions on one of five specialties:

  • Hotel industry
  • International Tourism Business
  • Organization of Events
  • E-business in tourism
  • Entrepreneurship in tourism

Study Tourism and Leisure in English

The whole program consists of 3 years of study (6 semesters), which include such areas as: hotel industry, organization of events and international tourism business, workshops, field trips to tourist regions in Lower Silesia, 8-week internships in companies cooperating with us.

Tourism and Leisure are business studies at the University of Business in Wroclaw, which in a practical way prepare you to work in:

  • hotels,
  • travel agencies,
  • tourist information and promotion centers,
  • leisure and spa facilities, as well as sports and recreation centers (including SPA and Wellness),
  • theme parks,
  • agro-tourism farms,
  • offices responsible for the development of Tourism and Recreation.

A graduate of Tourism and Leisure studies, both full-time and part-time, has not only theoretical knowledge of the humanities, economics and nature, but also the first professional experience gained during internships, which improves the students position on the competitive labor market. Preparation of various types of projects and participation in discussions helps to acquire skills necessary to serve tourists. The development of students is supervised by a qualified teaching staff, including managers of tourist and recreational organizations. If you want to combine work with passion, the Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Recreation at the University of Business in Wroclaw is tailored to your needs and expectations.

The curriculum for this course of study has been developed in such a way that it is distinguished by an unconventional approach.

  • Polish/German/Spanish
  • English A1, A2, B1, B2
  • Basics of Management
  • Basics of Economy
  • Academic savoir vivre
  • Basics of Tourism
  • Economics of Tourism and Recreation
  • Basics of Recreation
  • Political and Economic Geography
  • Internet Sources of Tourism Knowledge
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Business presentations
  • Ethics in business
  • Polish / German / Spanish
  • English language level A1, A2, B1, B2
  • Physical education
  • Tourism geography
  • Lower Silesia as a tourist region
  • Basics of hotel industry
  • Development of Tourist and recreational infrastructure
  • Transport in tourism
  • International tourism business
  • Visits to companies, participation in tourist events, guest lectures
  • Graphic design
  • Entrepreneurship in tourism and recreation
  • Marketing in tourism
  • E-marketing in tourism and recreation
  • Religious tourism in Poland and in the world
  • English in Tourism and Leisure- A2/ B2 – level of English
  • Internship I
  • Visits to companies, participation in tourist events, guest lectures
  • Digital Communication B2C – A2/ B2 – level of English
  • Tourist and recreational products of Lower Silesia – study tours
  • New tourism trends – A2/B2  level of English
  • Tourist services
  • Tourism project management
  • Planning and organization of tourist events
  • Physical education 
  • Subject of specialization 1
  • Subject of specialization 2 
  • Subject of specialization 3
  • Visits to companies, participation in tourist events, guest lectures
  • Professional consulting
  • Image building in the network
  • Culinary tourism  A2/B2 – level of English
  • Cultural tourism – its core, condition and trends
  • Business tourism A2/B2 – level of English
  • Law in tourism and recreation
  • Ecology in tourism and recreation
  • Sustainable tourism development – A2/ B2 – level of English
  • Practical training II
  • Visits to companies, participation in tourist events, guest lectures
  • Good practices in the hotel industry/ Good practices in tourism business/ Good practices in the organization of events
  • Visits to companies, participation in tourist events, guest lectures
  • Subject of specialization 4
  • Subject of specialization 5
  • Subject of specialization 6
  • Tourism activity in a natural environment – mountain / lake district (field activities)
  • Diploma examination

University of Business in Wroclaw has a transparent payment system. We guarantee permanent fee throughout the duration of the study period.

The aim of the Hotel Industry specialization is to educate professional staff for the modern hotel sector. As a graduate of this specialization you will have extensive knowledge about the functioning of the market of accommodation services and practical skills in organizing work in individual functional units of a hotel facility. This specialty also prepares you to start your own business in the hospitality sector.

Subjects of specialization:

  1. Basics of hotel industry
  2. Pricing techniques in the hotel industry
  3. Organization of conference and banquet departments
  4. Hotel gastronomy
  5. Distribution of hotel services
  6. Promotion of the hotel and its services

In this specialization you will gain professional knowledge, skills and competences necessary to work in an international tourism industry environment in global corporations and with tourists of different nationalities. As a graduate of this specialization you will find employment in travel agencies, airlines, tourist organizations and local government units. You will also be prepared to run your own business.

Subjects of specialization

  1. Tourist Traffic Service
  2. Multiculturalism in Tourism
  3. Sustainable Tourism Development
  4. Global Tourist Brands
  5. Business Tourism
  6. Promotion and Sale of Tourist Services

It is a specialty for creative people who are not afraid of difficult challenges.  After graduating from this specialization you will be able to work in: event agency, banquet and conference organization department, non-governmental organization, animation company, travel agency specializing in motivational tourism. During your studies you will learn the specificity of different types of events, all stages of their organization, implementation and settlement: principles of cooperation with customers, partners and sponsors; rules for ensuring the safety of participants; ways of using events as a marketing tool.

Subjects of specialization:

  1. Contemporary trends in the event industry
  2. Event tourism in Poland and in the world
  3. Designing, organizing and selling event offers
  4. Promotion of events
  5. Specificity of event management
  6.  Creation and implementation of various types of events – workshops

Within the e-business specialization, the student acquires knowledge and skills in the field of economic and tourist undertakings carried out through various kinds of ICT and electronic media, computer networks and the Internet. The acquired qualifications will enable the graduates to gain and analyze information through various electronic channels and develop software. Also, the student will be able to building an application starting from the idea for an application, through collecting requirements, design, implementation and maintenance or management of a tourist enterprise with the use of modern IT tools.  .

Subjects of specialization

  1. E-business tourism services
  2. Social Media in tourism
  3. e-commerce infrastructure
  4. Communication in E-business tourism
  5. Designing and creating websites
  6. Internet marketing

This is the University’s response to the continuous development and growing importance of the SME sector. Its advantage is not only the knowledge of the theoretical aspects connected with the running one’s own business, but real contact with representatives of Wroclaw business as part of study visits and workshops with practitioners of business life.

Subjects of specialization:

  1. Sales and customer relationship management
  2. Innovation in tourism
  3. Running one’s own business in tourism
  4. Team leadership
  5. Accounting of small and medium-sized enterprises
  6. Strategies for the development of a tourism enterprise

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