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The "Modern Management” scientific circle

The "Modern Management" scientific circle was established in 2016 and associates mainly active of the faculties: Finance and Accounting and Management at the University of Business in Wrocław. 

Activities of the scientific circle

The main objective of the circle is to broaden the knowledge of financial management and accounting in various sectors of the economy and to integrate students with similar scientific interests. The goal of the circle is achieved, among other things, through regular scientific meetings of its members with representatives of science and business. Meetings are held once a month. 

Members of the scientific circle

The circle currently has 20 members who broaden their knowledge and interests through various forms of activity:

  • okorganizing thematic meetings with practitioners from the business world (company presidents, directors of banks and offices, company managers, chief accountants and company managers)
  • okpresentation of scientific papers according to individual interests by the members of the scientific council
  • okparticipation of the members of the council in scientific fairs, student scientific conferences, conferences of scientific council in Poland and abroad
  • okcooperation with scientific council of other universities in Poland and abroad in order to exchange experiences
  • okparticipation in events organized by the WSH: seminars, conferences and scientific competitions, panel discussions, Entrepreneurship Days, integration and scientific trips
  • okcooperation with students from various types of schools (high schools, technical secondary schools, IMS) in order to broaden knowledge, deepen interests and facilitate conscious choice of further education of young

 The Chairperson

Rafał Kurzyk
second year of part- time studies, major: "Finance and Accounting".


Dr. Tetyana Pasko
Assistant Professor at the Department of Management at the WSH
Phone: +48 609 414 063
e-mail: [email protected]
room 2/15


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