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The "Factory of Success" scientific circles

The "Factory of Success" scientific circle operates at the Department of Management of the University of Business in Wrocław 

Activities of the scientific circle

The activities of the council are mainly based on meetings with representatives in science and practice. In addition, integration, scientific and other trips are envisaged. The main goal task is the broadly understood scientific and self-education activity of its members. The mission of the council is to become an incubator of young leaders, who are not only able to outline real visions of their professional future, but also to organize activities aimed at their implementation.

Last but not least, it is important to develop and promote comprehensive links between different social organisations and cultural, religious, ethnic and national groups. 

Members of the scientific circle

The members are ambitious WSH students with well-established scientific and research interests, which are the basis for discovering the directions of development of future professional interests. The measure of the strength of the council is the activity of its members, which should manifest itself in active participation in student and academic life:

  • okparticipation in scientific conferences and study visits
  • okcooperation with student organizations
  • okcase studies
  • okscientific publications

Currently, more than 20 students of WSH are members of the council.  

The Chairperson

Daria Kocjan
2nd year of full-time studies, major: management with specialization in marketing and sales.
Interests: gym, bodybuilding, body sports, weightlifting. 


Dr. Dariusz Socha
Assistant Professor at the University of Business in Wrocław
Phone: +48 71 333 11 01
email: [email protected]
room 1/8 


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