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“E.T.” Education and Tourism

Student scientific circle Education and Tourism has been operating since 2018, at the Department of Tourism and Recreation of the WSH. The scientific circle is supervised by Dr. Marta Drozdowska and Dr. Izabela Gruszka 

Activities of the scientific circle

The mission of the circle is to develop and popularize knowledge about tourism, recreation and the hotel industry. We stimulate interest in research and development work, deepen knowledge on issues related to modern tourism. Finally, we create platforms for cooperation between students and institutions and entities of the tourism market.

Members of the scientific circle

Students interested in tourism are members of the circle. Active participation in the E.T. scientific circle assumes:

  • okParticipation in scientific research on tourism
  • okCooperation with institutions responsible for tourism development and business entities
  • okInitiation and participation in student conferences, meetings and lectures
  • okDeveloping cooperation with other scientific councilsm and other student organisations
  • okEngaging in activities promoting tourism development
  • okOrganisation of educational trips, study tours, trips to tourist fairs


Dr. Marta Drozdowska
Phone: +48 71 333 11 16, 
e-mail: [email protected]
room 3/9


Dr. Izabela Gruszka
Phone: +48 71 333 11 31
e-mail: [email protected]
room 2/10


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