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University students requirements

Would you like to study abroad for a semester or a year? Don't you know where to start? Read what you need to do before you leave.

Step by step

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Step 1 - Collection of information

Find out which universities the University of Business in Wrocław cooperates with. You can only visit them if you are an Erasmus+ student. It is very important to get to know the university you want to go to - the program offer, the rules of applying, studying and passing the courses and accommodation conditions. Many universities, however, despite appearances, do not conduct classes in English, and often not all the courses are available yet. Non-Polish students should also acquaint themselves with the rules for obtaining visas from the country they are going to study in. Information on legalization of stay is available on the websites of diplomatic representations of EU member states in Poland, or you can ask them about it.

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Step 2 - Recruitment

Check the information on the University of Business in Wrocław website in the Erasmus tab and on the university's Facebook. You can find there information about what documents and when to submit them to the Erasmus coordinator at the University of Business in Wrocław in order to study abroad. It is important that all required documents are submitted on time.

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Step 3 - Qualification

Qualification takes place in the academic year preceding the departure, usually at the beginning of the summer semester. You will receive a decision about the scholarship from the Erasmus coordinator via e-mail.

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Step 4 - Application procedure for a foreign university

Get acquainted with the formal requirements for a foreign university, check the recruitment rules and find out what documents are required in the university. Universities with which the University of Business in Wrocław has signed agreements on student exchange often keep registrations for studies in periods other than the dates of recruitment with us. It is worthwhile to know in advance when the deadline for submitting documents there expires.

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Step 5 – Learning Agrement (LA)

The Learning Agreement is an agreement between a student, home university and a foreign university. The agreement specifies the program of classes in which the student will participate in a foreign university and the number of ECTS credits awarded for their completion. In other words, it is a plan of courses that will be implemented at a foreign university and compare credits to see if there are compatible with home university requirements. In LA we also place information about those subjects in your timetable that will no longer need to be taught after returning to Poland. Subjects from the University of Business in Wrocław curriculum for which there are no equivalents at a foreign university should be enrolled at the University of Business in Wrocław. Find out how to do it before you leave.

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Step 6 - Signing the financial agreement between the University of Business in Wrocław and the Erasmus grant holder

Before leaving, it is necessary to sign an agreement concerning you and your university's duties in connection with the scholarship. The amount of the scholarship depends on the length and place of stay. The scholarship is granted in order to subsidize the costs of living and studying. The scholarship is transferred in the amount of contractually agreed installments to your bank account in Santander bank, maintained in the EURO. During your stay abroad, you will pay your tuition fees as before, but you will not pay tuition fees at the host university. Before signing the contract, take out an insurance policy for the duration of the trip and provide the Erasmus coordinator with a document confirming the insurance.

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Step 7 - Erasmus student status certificate

You will receive a certificate confirming the status as a student participating in an Erasmus student exchange program after signing the financial agreement. It may be required by the partner university, to fulfil your registration obligations or to apply for a visa from the country you are travelling to.

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Step 8 - Housing

One of the most convenient forms of accommodation is a room in a student residence, so it is advisable to contact the International Cooperation Office at the host university. If you decide to rent a flat with another Erasmus students you have to be very careful about scammers, which unfortunately can be found everywhere.

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Step 9 - Extension of stay

It is possible to extend the stay for another semester, but only from winter to summer. The Erasmus coordinator must be consulted on with the renewal on the program.


Who can participate in the Erasmus program?
  • any student of the University of Business in Wrocław registered for a Bachelor's or Master's degree, regardless of nationality,

  • full-time and part-time students,

  • at the time of departure, you must have completed the first year of undergraduate studies; this means that you can apply for a scholarship conditionally already in the first year, and the trip is possible after obtaining an entry in the second year of studies,

  • students applying for mobility in the third year of first cycle studies (bachelor's degree) also receives an Erasmus grant conditionally; in order to be eligible for the grant, they must be registered in the first year of second cycle studies (complementary master's degree).

Multiple departure rule

Erasmus+ offers a combination of study and work experience:

  • up to 12 months at first cycle studies (bachelor's degree)

  • up to 12 months at second cycle studies (supplementary master's degree)

Important information
  • You may not be on dean's leave or student's leave during an Erasmus grant
  • The scholarship must last a minimum of 90 days (3 months). A shorter stay will result in the forfeit of the entire scholarship

During the Erasmus+ scholarship, you are entitled to any other scholarships you have received.

Good to know

Learning Agreement (LA)

Each scholarship holder must have an agreed and signed Learning Agreement, i.e. a list of courses they will attend during their stay on a scholarship financed by the Erasmus program, prior to their departure. 

You can change selected subjects up to one month after the start of classes at a foreign university. There is no limit to the number of changes. We will register all changes in the LA. Changes can be agreed and signed via e-mail with the Erasmus coordinator. 

In order to complete a semester, you must obtain 30 ECTS credits/semester; you must obtain them in full at a foreign university or in part at the University of Business in Wrocław. This information must be included in your LA at all times. The student is obliged to make up for any program differences resulting from the scholarship trip. The method and date of making up for the program differences should be determined before the scholarship trip. For example, if the student has 2 obligatory subjects during the scholarship and there is no equivalent of these subjects at a foreign university, he or she must pass them in a correction session or individually at the teacher's office after returning home. The method and date of taking the examination should be determined before departure with the lecturer.

Language skills

Before leaving, you will receive an e-mail with your login and password to the OLS Online Linguistic Support platform. After the first language proficiency test, some of the participants will have the opportunity to take the language course for free.

Border crossing and legalization of stay

Please note that a temporary residence permit is required for stays of more than 90 days. In the case of some countries, the formalities have to be completed before departure. More information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the manual on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs you will find useful information on travel preparation, insurance, safety and other practical advice.

Arrival and registration at a foreign university

As soon as you arrive at a foreign university, you should go to the International Office and register as soon as possible and obtain a document confirming the date of your arrival. The document should be sent to the Erasmus coordinator. At the end of the scholarship, at the moment of departure, a document confirming the period of stay should be obtained and submitted to the Erasmus program coordinator. 

Within one month of arriving at the partner university, all necessary changes must be agreed and made to the LA - "During the Mobility" section of the LA. The documents must be signed by 3 persons: a student, a Polish coordinator and a foreign Erasmus coordinator. The document can be sent by e-mail in an attachment as a scan, asking the Polish coordinator to sign it and send it back.

Crediting of subjects on return
  • The period of study completed abroad shall be considered an integral part of the study at the home institution
  • A signed Learning Agreement guarantees the recognition of the period of study abroad
  • The grades obtained at a foreign university will be recognized at the University of Business in Wrocław on the basis of the transcript of credits issued to the student by the host university. The Transcript of Records is part of the LA (After the Mobility section)
Settlement of the trip

When you get back, you should:

  • provide the Erasmus coordinator of the University of Business in Wrocław a Transcript of Records with a document confirming the period of stay at a foreign university
  • complete the Language Proficiency Test (OLS) upon receipt of an invitation to complete it by e-mail
  • fill in the Erasmus grant application form after receiving the invitation by e-mail
  • fill in the report after your semester abroad questionnaire, which will be sent by the Erasmus coordinator at the University of Business in Wrocław
  • make up for curriculum differences (pass subjects that were not taught at a foreign university)