Erasmus guide for incoming students • For student - WSH we Wrocławiu

Erasmus guide for incoming students


First step is to  fill in Learning Agreement. It should fill in on the computer. The learning agreement should be sign by two parties: the student and home university. Second step is to scan the document and send to your Erasmus coordinator at the host university, please don’t send via post. 

Remember to attach:

  • Photo - 1 photo of 35x45 mm in paper form of the size of 35x45 mm and 1 photo in electronic form of 236x295 pix and 300 dpi resolution (jpg format), supplied on a CD or by e-mail,

  • scanned ID or passport (scanned document),

  • scanned confirmation of health insurance (only EURO26 or ISIC). 

The photo in paper form you can hand over after your arrive in Wrocław.

Learning Agreement

The courses you choose should at least partially reflect your courses on home university. Choose courses  units (several or all) from one of the courses and one or all additional general courses units. 

The maximum number of the ECTS per semester is 30 ECTS. 

Additional general courses units

Additional courses units: Polish language for beginners and Study Tour I for all Erasmus students. If study at our university Management or Tourism and Leisure you can add one or both of them to your Learning Agreement. 

Study Tour takes 2 whole days, one day is dedicated to Wroclaw and another day to Lower Silesia with focus on Sudety Mountains. The course offers students opportunity to combine study and culture immersion, while gaining credit towards degree. 


The university doesn’t cover accommodation however we can provide you with useful website and give you contact to our ex erasmus students.

Health insurance

Please have with you the European Health Card or other health insurances and don’t forget to send to host erasmus coordinator a copy via e- mail.

Deadline for application

Our deadline for applications for 2018/2019 is: 

  • For the autumn semester and the entire year – June 30 
  • For the spring semester – December 31

If you have some more questions, please do not hesitate to contact Erasmus coordinator at WSH university