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Erasmus+ is a student exchange program within the European Union. Many of the continent's recognized universities offer courses for foreigners.

Why should you go abroad for an exchange program? First of all, it is an unforgettable, valuable experience. During Erasmus you will meet interesting people, take part in fascinating exercises, workshops and projects, listen to inspiring lectures by well-known academic personalities. You will also develop foreign languages, especially English, in which you will be able to communicate in every country. In addition, you can learn the language of the country you are travelling to, e.g. Italian, Spanish, Greek, German, and you can get valuable linguistic advice from your local college colleagues. In addition to the educational development, you will find fun and relaxation in the most beautiful corners of Europe. Partner universities for guest students organize sensational excursions, showing the most interesting places in the city. A trip to the Erasmus+ program is also a great to put on your CV.


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Opening hours

Tuesday: 10 AM - 2 PM
Thursday: 10 AM - 2 PM

International Office - Erasmus

Coordinator: Paulina Hejdukowska

phone: +48 71 333 11 15
room: 2/18

22 Ostrowskiego Str,
53-238 Wrocław