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Employer's area

In order to place a job, apprenticeship or internship offer, please send us an advertisement via the jobteaser platform.

We offer you 2 options:


1If you want to post an employment offer, we encourage you to use the link below! After adding an advertisement, you can track your progress on an ongoing basis (the moment it is approved by the Career Office, the number of page views, the number of student submissions, etc.) and, if necessary, archive and modify data.

ofert pracy en 01


2If you want to be able to post employment offers and have a company profile - it's worth creating a company account! In this way, next to posting employment offers and internships, you will be able to create a company profile in which you can present your business in more detail. By selecting this option, you can also post recruitment events such as study visits or recruitment sessions.

ofert pracy en 02


A job, apprenticeship or internship offer can also be sent in the .doc or .pdf format to the e-mail address[email protected] or [email protected]