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Study mode: weekend - 100% online 
Study duration: 10 months (2 semesters) 
Hours: 240 hours 
Language of study: English 


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Why MBA Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

MBA Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a response to the requirements set for organizations in the context of the efficient implementation of their goals through the optimal use of resources. In this sense, the implementation of RPA, which is an effective method of business processes execution, allows organizations to properly manage human potential.

MBA Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a great opportunity to develop competence in the field of RPA by understanding the basic concepts of RPA, the tools used in RPA, and in-depth understanding of RPA management process in the organization, while obtaining an MBA post-graduate certificate. 240 hours of intensive classes conducted in the form of lectures and workshops conducted entirely by business practitioners. Bearing in mind the satisfaction of study participants, the key issues for which the largest number of teaching hours are: RPA capabilities analysis, RPA process preparation, preparation of RPA documentation and BOT design. The complexity of the study program allows to dedicate it to people who would like to work as RPA Team Manager, RPA Analyst, RPA Developer, RPA Architect, RPA Project Manager, or an expert responsible for RPA process preparation and implementation of RPA in the organization.

Why MBA Robotic Process Automation (RPA) at WSH in Wroclaw?

  • #1 RPA MBA in world
  • UiPath is our strategic partner
  • #1 among private business schools in Wroclaw and Lower Silesia
  • Present on the market for more than 20 years and part of Vistula Universities Group since 2014
  • MBA post-graduate certificate issued by WSH - University of Business in Wroclaw
    Classes conducted by an experienced team of business practitioners
  • Precisely selected teaching material bases on real-life examples
  • Focus on the development of competences currently desired on the labor market
  • Studying the field which is bound to develop strongly in the nearest future
  • Many years of experience of WSH in Wroclaw in creating MBA studies for the business sector


Regulamin studiów podyplomowych


What is the major goal of this Program?

Our goal is to prepare study participants for effective implementation and application of RPA in the organizations. The positive effect can be assessed from the perspective of developing personal competences and the competitive advantage of the organization in which RPA has been used.






Process management



Business communications



Project management



RPA introduction



RPA process analysis



RPA business benefits analysis



Preparation of RPA process documentation



Adapting business process for RPA (1)



BOT’s design (1)









Artificial Intelligence (AI) introduction



RPA software review



RPA technology and services sales



RPA operating model implementation



Adapting business process for RPA (2)



Business Process Mining



BOT’s design (2)



BOT’s testing and production release



RPA environment management



RPA project management







Registration fee 

Basic tution fee 

basic instalments 

basic instalments 

basic instalments 

300 PLN 

19  900 PLN 

10 450 PLN 

5 350 PLN 

3 650 PLN 


All fees should be directed to the following account: 
Santander Bank S.A. 44 Branch in Wroclaw 
account nr 04 1500 1155 1211 5005 3031 0000 


I semester








II semester








First of all, we encourage candidates to fill in the online application form. However, we would like to remind you that admission is determined by a set of documents which can be sent by traditional mail or submitted personally to the office of the International Center for Postgraduate and MBA Studies.

1 STEP: fill in the online contact form.

2 STEP: you will receive an e-mail with information about recruitment documents

3 STEP: you will submit all the necessary documents and sign the study agreement

4 STEP: you will become part of our MBA 

Required documents:

  • Completed application form 
  • One photo (35x45 mm)
  • Proof of payment of registration fee (PLN 300)
  • Copy of the diploma of completion of first-cycle studies (and a certified translation into Polish – for foreigners)
  • Signed education agreement with attachments in two copies in English and two copies in Polish
  • Certificate of English proficiency (or passed internal WSH English Exam)


Beginning of recruitment: May 2021 
End of recruitment – 15 September 2021


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MBA Studies Coordinator

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+48 71 333 11 91 

Raisa Chudek  
MBA Studies Specialist


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PhD Ewelina Siama

Ewelina Siama has 12 years' experience of working in an international environment performing the roles of program manager, project manager, pmo manager, lss master black belt, process manager, business analyst, consultant and academic teacher specializing in process management, optimization, transition, transformation, centralization, outsourcing and automation.

She has worked with a dozen organizations in both public and private sector. Her domains are implementing process management approach for the whole organization and conducting various types of improvement projects.


In 2014, she obtained a doctorate in Economics at the Wroclaw University of Economics, based on the work “Impact of information and communication technologies (ICT) on the efficiency of enterprise management system”. PhD dissertation has been awarded by the Faculty of Management, Information Technology and Finance Wroclaw University of Economics.

Ewelina Siama Zdjecie min
Tomasz Tybor

Tomasz Tybor started his professional life as an IT analyst at UBS, where, over the course of three years he transitioned into an IT vendor manager role. Following this, he moved to Symphony, which at the time was a small consulting start-up focusing on RPA and has since grown into one of the top 10 RPA service providers globally. At Symphony Tomasz gained a lot of experience as a project manager delivering large multimillion-euro digital transformation programmes to global enterprises. Symphony now has now grown into a global team of 250 automation enthusiasts across 7 offices in three continents, where Tomasz now oversees the operations delivered out of the Poland Delivery Centre.

Tomasz Tybor Zdjecie 2020
Rafał Podsiadło

Rafał Podsiadło has been associated with Gdańsk for 20 years, where already during his studies he was working as a programmer and website creator, afterwards he gained experience in designing and implementation of information systems. As a project manager, then as a director, he was involved in over 300 projects and train more than 1000 users in both public and private sector. His field is process optimization using RPA technology. Now, as a RPA project manager at PIRXON S.A. he is working with many leading companies. He is responsible for project management, analysis and optimization of processes and digital workers creation and maintenance.

Rafal Podsiadlo Zdjecie
Anna Dąbrowska-Delgado

Anna Dąbrowska-Delgado has been involved with IBM since 2008 and has great experience working in an international environment. She has held various roles, previously as Operational Manager for DACH/ IT/ES/PT countries.

In her current position as Senior Automation Consultant she is responsible for setting up initial communication with the clients with regards to potential automation by selecting the right automation solution, including: RPA tools, Cognitive Solutions and Webservices.

Her scope of duties includes helping to build the automation framework, design the best-fit automation solutions and ongoing support of automation projects in project management, process analysis, testing of the solution and handover.

Moreover, Anna has gained practical skills regarding Agile & Scrum Methodology and helps companies implement them to monitor and track the automation projects’ progress.

Anna Dąbrowska-Delgado graduated in field Controlling and Finance Management at the University of Economics in Krakow (MA Thesis in International Communication) and at the Wyższa Szkoła Europejska  in field Applied Linguistics (BA). Anna is a polyglot, she speaks 11 foreign languages.


Anna Dabrowska Delgado zdjecie
Borys Błaszczyk

Borys Błaszczyk has over 10 years of experience in working in startup and corporate environments, both in the public and private sector. He has been working for TAURON Dystrybucja S.A. since 2017, where he currently serves as the Programme Director responsible for implementation of smart metering. Previously, he was responsible for project portfolio management; maintenance and development of the process management model; initiation of optimization projects improving the efficiency of the organization; coordination of change management processes and implementation of the Company's strategy.


From 2015 to 2017 he was the President of the Management Board of Previously, he managed the Communication and Development Office in the Krakow Festival Office / ICE Krakow Congress Center. Borys Błaszczyk graduated from the Faculty of International Relations at the Cracow University of Economics. Currently, he is a student of the XXV edition of the Executive MBA program carried out at the Krakow Business School.

Borys Blaszczyk zdjecie
Dominik Jaskulski

Dominik Jaskulski has worked as analyst, project leader and people manager for many polish and international organizations. He has been building global structures (Mexico, Manila, Krakow), setting up group-wide Automation Centers of Excellence and supported several global restructuring and transformation programs. Currently developing his business at Office Samurai – a company that support corporate clients in process improvement and automation. He holds diplomas in economics, finance, lean management and data mining. Dominik has experience in leading projects in finance , HR, banking, IT and NGO. As a fan of agile and lean philosophies, he tries to combine them both in daily work.

Dominik Jaskulski zdjecie min
Tomasz Wrzesiewski

Tomasz Wrzesiewski - the manager, consultant and the trainer with 18 years of experience in business and trainings, the owner of Art Strategy Group. He graduated from the Management Department of the University of Warsaw and the Canadian International Management Institute.

Tomasz specializes in developing and implementing dedicated business solutions in the area of project and project portfolio management, strategic management and processes modelling, team and sales management. He runs training and implementation projects in Kuwait, Great Britain, Germany, Scandinavia, Ukraine and Serbia.

He subscribes to and promotes AGILE, the Critical Chain Project Management, Business Process Development and Load Factor Scheduling methodologies. His achievements, particularly with regards to the application of Agile methodology in sales process and project portfolio modelling with using hybrid solutions including the elements of PMI, CCPM, and Agile, have been a source of inspiration to other trainers and consultants.

Tomasz has designed and implemented the project management process and built the Project Management Office (PMO) for many companies and institutions such as Municipal Office of Wroclaw, AzVirt Ogranak Beograd (Serbia), Apro Investment Sp. z o.o., Inoutic GMBH, Fortum S.A., Sonel S.A., Euro-tax Sp. z o.o. Tomasz has been involved in numerous consulting and training projects for many clients, both in Poland and abroad, Polish Ministries and the European Parliament.


Tomasz Wrzesiewski zdjecie
Jarosław Motylewski

Jarosław Motylewski combines experience gained in academia and in business. In 2012 started as a researcher at University of Antwerp working on a project in Laboratory of Theoretical Neurobiology and Neuroengineering. After coming back to Poland in 2015, he joined  Nordea Bank, where his first main responsibility was optimization of processes. in 2017 joined Robotic Centre of Excelence, as RPA analyst, whose tasks were  close collaboration with stakeholders and preparation of processes for automation. Subsequently he took position of Head of Execution Team, supervising construction of project pipeline and execution of deliveries.

In 2019 joined DXC Technology as RPA Project manager, being in charge of delivering automation solutions to external customers, and developing the project methodology


In 2021 started his position of Senior Project Manager in BinarApps, being responsible for delivery of new technological solutions for external customers.

Jaroslaw Motylewski Zdjecie
Artur Sodol

Artur has 8 years of experience in process automation. His first steps in RPA were in demanding Banking sector, then he developed working in leading consultancy company and international IT service vendors. He specializes in automation of sales support HR, accounting and IT processes.

Currently working as Tech Lead for one of The Big Four consulting fimrs . His job is to support R.F.P., design and implement software robots. He’ s also responsible for creating guidelines, best practices and governing models in Robotic C.o.E.’s During his career he has cooperated with both Polish and international organizations.

He treats his job as kind of a mission to embrace RPA’s position as integral element of technological landscape in polish and foreign businesses

Artur Sodol zdjecie v2
Krzysztof Karaszewski

Krzysztof has over 10 years' experience of working in an international environment. Krzysztof was involved or directly responsible for implementation of major IT systems that support efficiency and productivity. As a Product Manager he coordinated team that built IT solutions servicing 80 000+ business users in over 20 countries.

Since 2016 he is an active practitioner and trainer of various RPA solutions. He trained and prepared 400+ specialists and managers from 4 continents to work with RPA technology. Certified UiPath developer and trainer. Currently working as Automation Solution Lead in HSBC where he is responsible for implementation of RPA, IA and AI technologies across EMEA and ASP region.

Krzysztof is graduate of Psychology at University of Łodź and post graduate studies of IT at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology.

Krzysztof Karaszewski zdjecie
PhD Aleksandra Tyszkiewicz

Aleksandra has over twenty years of professional experience in multi-national companies. She started her career in building a Business Support Service in a Production German Company. After eight years she moved to the financial sector, where she delivered many transformation programs across the world. Aleksandra has gained practical experience in strategy & business development, global program& portfolio management (also in cross-locations working groups), process improvement initiatives, employee training and development, knowledge management and international cooperation. Currently she is employed by Atos where she is responsible for development of Digital Transformation Consulting Practice based on her practical knowledge but as well understanding current business and market needs. She is actively involved in many activities like portfolio review and designing, capacity management, new solutions, bids. She is recognized by the Main Court in Poland as a financial expert. She is constantly improving her theoretical knowledge: PhD in Finance, MBA, Leading in the digital Age at Harvard, Negotiation studies at Yale Business School, currently at Gold – Atos Program for Talents.

Aleksandra Tyszkiewicz Zdjecie
Artur Pala

Artur Pala is an RPA Associate Manager with broad experience in leading RPA projects and supporting technical implementation of RPA Framework within different companies. Currently Artur is responsible for whole RPA Delivery for one of the Accenture clients where he has implemented Global RPA framework. Artur has total of 10 years professional experience. He has worked for several years in BPO/SSC industry with focus on RPA for Finance, Accounting, Logistics, HR and IT support.

Previously to Accenture Artur was responsible for Leading RPA projects for Healthcare client and Supporting Implementation of Automation strategy for whole BPO unit in Poland.

He holds a master’s degree in Management (spec. Financial Analysis) from the Wroclaw University of Technology. Besides, he obtained Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business from ACCA.

Artur Pala zdjecie min
Marcin Motel

A graduate of the Foreign Trade Faculty, the Warsaw School of Economics and the BAM program at Babson College.

An economist by profession and with over 20 years of experience an expert in converting modern IT technologies into an added value for enterprises. For years, he has been associated with top technological companies such as EMC, IBM, Software AG, Symantec, BMC, Qlik and currently UiPath.

He has many years of experience in running large IT projects from the business side in the areas of Business Intelligence, Information Management, Data Management, Business Process Management and Robotic Process Automation. Privately, a happy husband and father, a fierce cyclist and an avid basketball supporter.

Marcin Motel zdjecie
Marta Raczkowska

Marta Raczkowska is a seasoned manager with over 15 years of experience in financial and business analytics as well as in business process optimization. Expert in Business Process Mining, business process improvement, and quality assurance (Six Sigma, Lean). Active promoter of data-driven approach to process optimization, specializing in advanced analysis of data to increase productivity and efficiency of an organization. Practitioner in the field of process optimization and automation, with many proven successful implementations. The graduate of the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the University of Warsaw, and certified Data Scientist and Business Value Architect. She gained her experience in projects carried out for companies from telecommunications and logistics industry where she led building of strategies and roadmaps in Business Intelligence area for the purpose of improving effective management of organizations. Currently, she focuses on implementation of advanced analytical solutions within area of Business Process Mining.

Marta Raczkowska zdjecie min
Izabela Van den Bossche

Izabela Van den Bossche has over 20 years' experience of working in an international environment in both public and private sector. She has been professionally involved with Fortum since 2008 where she holds the position of Vice President, Communications, City Solutions. She is responsible for developing media and government relations, implementing communications policies and brand development. Previously she was the Head of Communication, Poland, Baltics and New Markets and Director for Strategic Development and Cooperation.

Earlier employed by Polish Agency for Information and Foreign Investment as the Advisor to the Chairman of the Management Board. Between 1998 and 2006 she held the positions of Press Officer, Political Officer and Head of Science and Innovation Unit in British Embassy in Warsaw.

She is a graduate of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, MA in English Language. She also completed postgraduate studies on Modern Management Techniques at Warsaw School of Economic.

Izabela Van den Bossche zdjecie