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Study mode: weekend
Study duration: 10 months (2 semesters)
Hourly dimension: 240 hours
Language of studies: english

Speed & action; two simple words that in today’s business world can make the difference between success and failure.

Postgraduate study MBA Digital Transformation is built with these two key values at its core:

  • okSpeed: providing students with a full understanding of the latest cutting-edge technologies and innovations, empowering them to move quickly and anticipate market needs
  • okAction: practical case studies and real life projects will project students in challenging business situations where they will have to take actions under uncertain conditions and time pressure. This will be crucial to make sure all key learnings of the MBA will not remain just a cultural baggage, but will be applied right away to empower students to succeed


The University of Business in Wroclaw offers a top quality MBA program

 unique in its genre, able to bring together the latest Silicon Valley hi-tech and know-how with a practical approach to the European markets.

Our program is focused on empowering students through 240 hours of intensive and interactive business teaching (of which over 60% will be dedicated to practical experiences and workshops), delivered by top quality academics and business executives from Poland and abroad.

Each course of the program is built across a key capability that an entrepreneur / CEO must develop in order to succeed among competitors.

The MBA offered by our university is held in 100% in English

 THE language when it comes to Digital Transformation. That is why our program is suitable for both Polish and foreigner students.

Our classes are lectured in 100 % by professional international faculty coming from our partner German and American universities, as well as English-speaking domestic faculty having specialized experience in different business areas.

The mission of the Digital Transformation MBA program at the University of Business in Wroclaw

Our to inspire start-uppers, entrepreneurs and even veteran managers to leave the safe paved way, take some risk and decisively act, fully leveraging the opportunities of today’s world to create something new, grow exponentially and, ultimately, succeed.


Regulamin studiów podyplomowych


Our MBA program provides the tools and environment to empower you, your company and your career in the constantly evolving reality of the current business world. The cultural, geographical and academic diversity of our students contributes greatly to experience enrichment, expands horizons of thinking and provides a wider perspective on international issues.

Moreover, the global business success of selected guest speakers will ensure students will get inspired by successful real life stories (from Poland and abroad) and that they will grow their own network of contacts during their studies. 

MBA Digital Transformation program offers:

  • oka complete understanding of the implication of the digital transformation in today’s business environment
  • oka blend between the latest thinking available and cutting-edge tools to provide real-life solutions to contemporary business problems
  • okAI & High Tech successful stories in the era of the digital transformation
  • okdevelopment of personal and business skills required to lead own company in the modern ultra-competitive and continuously changing business environment
  • oka risk-taking attitude that will enable you to challenge accepted mantras to bring your business to the next level
  • okindividual and team work, which teaches the real value of leadership
  • okdirect contact with globally recognized leaders from different industries
  • okmodern learning environment with new upgraded facilities that will stimulate your scholastic curiosity and make studying as efficient and comfortable as possible
  • okeach class bringing different ideas, life experiences and cultural imperatives to the program
Registration fee Basic tution fee 2 basic instalments 4 basic instalments 6 basic instalments
300 PLN 19 900 PLN 10 200 PLN 5 350 PLN 3 770 PLN


All fees should be directed to the following account:
Wyższa Szkoła Handlowa we Wrocławiu
Santander Bank S.A. 44 Branch in Wrocław
04 1500 1155 1211 5005 3031 0000



Next intake starts in october 2021

If you would like to join our MBA team, please find all necessary informations in "admission".

Potential applicants are asked to fill in the online applicationThere the application process will be outlined. Even if all the applicant’s documents are not yet in order, he/she is encouraged to fill in and send the application and further documents can be sent shortly thereafter. 

Admission requirments

MBA applicants should have at least a bachelor or master degree. Further requirements include a completed application form and copy of the diploma with Supplement.

English proficiency certificate will also be required unless the applicant is a native of an English-speaking country. If a candidate cannot submit an adequate certificate, there will be Business English examination in the form of WSH Admission Test.

Required documents:

  • Completed application form
  • Certificate of English proficiency (or passed internal WSH English Exam)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • One photo (35x45 mm)
  • One photo in electronic form (for student’s electronic ID card)
  • Proof of payment of registration fee (PLN 500)
  • Copy of the diploma of completion of first-cycle studies (and a certified translation into Polish – for foreigners)
  • Supplement or excerpt of study register (and its certified translation into Polish – for foreigners) – applies to Polish universities’ graduates who completed their studies after 2005
  • Confirmation of minimum 2 years of business experience
  • Signed education agreement with attachments in two copies in English and two copies in Polish (to be signed at a later time)
  • Proof of payment of non-refundable registration fee (PLN 500) Registration fee shall be transferred to the University’s bank account:
    Santander S.A. 44 Oddział/Wrocław 04 1500 1155 1211 5005 3031 0000,
    adding in the title:  MBA registration fee + the Participant’s name.
Anna Sikucińska 
MBA Program Coordinator
22 Ostrowskiego st
53-238 Wroclaw, Poland
room: 1/3
+48 71 333 11 91