Happy Easter! • News - WSH we Wrocławiu

2020-04-10 10:00:00

Happy Easter!

Ladies and Gentlemen,


I would like to address the Lecturers, Administration Employees, Students – the entire Academic Community.

It has been almost a month since we cannot meet directly, but we do our best to maintain mutual relations and contacts. Now it is time to make a first preliminary assessment and some analysis of the passing month regarding online learning. I am full of appreciation and admiration for all of you for your understanding of this difficult situation and, above all, your commitment and empathetic approach to the emerged problem.

I would like to thank all of you – the Lecturers, Administration Employees, Students of Graduate and Postgraduate Programs – for your daily contribution to the continuation of the current realization of studying. I realize that this is difficult for all of us, but at the same time I am proud that we are doing our best to meet this challenge. Ladies and Gentlemen, we can do it.

Now let me wish you all the best for Easter at this special time.

I wish everyone that, despite the often long distances between us and our families and loved ones, we may be able to unite with those we care about most.

May this exceptionally difficult period make us all aware of the importance of closeness and mutual respect in everyday life. Let this be a time to reflect on values. Let us ask ourselves what is really important in life.

I want to “infect” you all with peace, wisdom, hope and faith that the normality will soon come.

I wish you a lot of health and optimism, and I sincerely hope for meeting you soon.

Let us be forgiving for each other, we can do it together!

With respect and greetings.


Rector of WSH in Wrocław
Dr Roman Fulneczek