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2020-04-10 09:53:00

How to use e-learning?

Using e-learning is not difficult and does not require additional work. You have been informed by the lecturers about which platform you will use. If despite everything it is still troublesome for you, we recommend a short guide on how to use online learning.


Download: Remote teaching guide


Microsoft Teams

  1. Log in to

  2. From the tiles at the top, select "Teams"

  3. To join the group sent by lecturers enter the teams (third icon on the left)

  4. In the upper right corner click "join team"

  5. In the place "join the team using the code", enter the code to join the group.

  6. When the classes take place, enter the appropriate icon with the name of the class and join the video call in the lower right corner.


If they can't hear you, you must allow your browser to use your microphone. For the common good, if you say nothing, you can mute the microphone (in the middle of a voice chat) to facilitate communication.


 Google classroom: 

  1. On the student email yowill receive a code to the group 

  2. Enter the google application and click classroom 

  3. In the upper right corner click + and join the classroom 

  4. Enter the code from the lecturer to join the appropriate group 

  5. By clicking on the appropriate subject yowill see the content from the lecturer, below are the attachments for the classes

  6. If yowant to check what tasks we have to doclick on "tasks" at the top


Vistula platform

  1. Go to

  2. My courses

  3. WSH


  5. All courses

  6. WSH in Wrocław 

  7. Search for the course yowant to subscribe to and click on the link