25 years of WSH - WSH we Wrocławiu

25 years of WSH

This year's Inauguration of the Academic Year begins the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the University of Business in Wrocław. It is a special moment, providing an opportunity to present who we are and what we create.

On this occasion, we will organize for both students and all interested parties 25 lectures, workshops and training courses that will allow participants to broaden their knowledge with interesting content, not only scientific, but will also be an opportunity to meet lecturers from our University.

In this special year for us, on 18-19 May 2022, an international conference will be held "Best Practice in Accessible Tourism. Case Study of V4 Countries", which will be a platform for international exchange of scientific achievements and practical experience in the field of widely understood accessible tourism.

We have also planned a concert of Voicechestra choir on the occasion of the WSH Jubilee, which will add splendor to the celebrations with its beautiful singing.

This year's "Days of Talent" are dedicated to our students and staff. During this time in the building of the University you will be able to see many art exhibits, photographs and everything that people associated with the WSH are passionate about. The event will last a week and all works will also be posted in a multimedia version on www.handlowa.eu.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, we will honour twenty-five graduates, who thanks to their work, education and activities have made outstanding achievements in the business world.

The common celebration will be concluded with an integration picnic, which will be organized in the green area behind the WSH building. There will be a barbecue, fun with music and various competitions, as well as occasional meetings and speeches.

In connection with the 25th anniversary a sculpture of a Dwarf will appear in front of the university building. We also encourage you to watch the presentation presenting the short history of the WSH and take a commemorative picture on the commemorative wall available in the building of our University.

In addition to these activities, we encourage you to follow our Social Media, where you will regularly find information on the above mentioned events, as well as contests, additional materials and surprises!


Enjoy a video celebrating 25 years of #WSHweWroclawiu!